ACCA licensed CBE (Computer-Based Exam) centre

ACCA licensed CBE (Computer-Based Exam) centre

MPI, an existing ACCA licensed CBE centre is proud to make available the first ACCA session CBEs to our ACCA students during this 3 June to 7 June 2019. To facilitate this, we invested in high speed servers and computers for students. On top of that, MPI provided IT support to minimize technical issues during the exam.

Session CBEs reflects the modern working environment in which students use word processing and spreadsheet tools to answer questions. It enhances students' employ ability skills, providing a more practical and modern exam experience which ensure real-world skills are developed and assessed through the use of appropriate tools and question types. ACCA uses industry standard techniques to make sure all students sit a secure and equivalent exam, and continue to receive results which remain fair and reliable.

ACCA计算机考试中心 (CBE)

卫理毕理学院获得特许公认会计师公会(ACCA)授权为计算机考试中心(Computer-based Examination,简称CBE)。 为了减少考试期间出现技术问题,卫理毕理学院提供了高速服务器和电脑等资讯工艺的援助,并向修读ACCA课程的学生提供有关考试的培训课程。由丘杜年先生提供的CBE培训课程,他也是人力资源开发部门的认证培训师,在毕理学院拥有超过25年的教学经验。