The first few years of a child’s life are fundamentally important. Therefore a course in Early Childhood Education (ECE) will help you develop core knowledge of how a child develops, learns and behaves. You will also learn various teaching approaches and strategies to engage with a child.

Approval Code (R3/143/4/0012)(01/27)(A7350)
Intake Jan, May, Jul
Mode of Study Full Time
Duration of Study 2.5 years
Tuition Fee RM 16,330 (Malaysian students), RM 19,180 (International students)
  • Pass SPM with minimum 3 credits (C)
  • Pass O-Level with minimum 3 Grade C
  • Pass UEC with minimum 3 Grade B
Year 1
  • Foundation of Early Childhood Education
  • Child Development
  • Observing Young Children
  • Assessing Young Children
  • Infant and Toddler Care
  • Child Health, Safety, Nutrition
  • Programme Planning & Implementation for Children from Birth to 4
  • Creative Expressions through Music, Movement & Drama
  • Creative Expression through Art
  • Practicum 1: Child Care Center (Birth to Age 4)
Year 2
  • Teaching Science to Young Children
  • Teaching Mathematics to Young Children
  • Programme Planning & Implementation for Children from Age 4 – 6
  • Teaching Bahasa Melayu to Young Children
  • Children’s Literature
  • Teaching Social Studies to Young Children
  • Teaching Science to Young Children
  • Technology for Early Childhood Educators
  • Early Learning Curriculum and Environment
Year 3
  • Guidance of Young Children
  • Foundations of Professional Practice
  • Early Childhood Administration
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Partnership with Families and Communities
  • Practicum 2: Preschool (4-6 years old)