Which department do I refer to if I wish to apply for study loans, scholarships and financial assistance?
Please refer to our Student Operations Department who will be able to assist you on the applications.

Who is eligible to apply for MPI Study Loan and other Scholarships?
All full-time students of MPI who are in need of financial assistance can apply for study loans and scholarships. Click here for more information. All applications are subjected to MPI’s approval.

How do I apply for PTPTN loan?
A briefing will be conducted by Student Services for all students on “how to apply for PTPTN loan” at the start of a new semester. Please refer to notice boards for the time and dates of briefing. For more info on how to apply, please refer to the website at www.ptptn.gov.my

Will MPI help with full-time job placement after I complete my studies?
During their time of study,MPI will arrange for students to go for internship at industrial partner companies, which allow students to work hands on in a professional environment and gain actual work experience. MPI will also conduct workshops on professional resume writing. In addition, MPI also creates opportunities for students and Industrial partner companies to meet and conduct job interviews during “Job Fairs” on-campus. Any additional offer of vacancies by companies will be made known to students through college medias. Students are advised to apply to the companies directly.

Who can I look for if I face any problems during my studies in MPI?
You are encouraged to talk to your mentor or counsellors who will be more than willing to help you and give advice on any problems you face, whether in areas of study, emotional, mental or when you just need a listening ear. Our Chaplain is also available should you have any questions regarding religious issues.

Am I required to join any extra-curricular activities during my studies in MPI?
At MPI, we not only encourage students to excel academically, but we strongly emphasize on character building and student bonding through participation in activities organised by various sports and scholarly clubs and societies available on campus.These activities allow students opportunities for outside classroom learning and essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, problem solving and many other skills. Such skills are important and indispensable to future employers.At the same time, students can earn academic credits for activities and events participated. Click here for more info and details.

Does MPI provide Hostel accommodation for outstation students?
Yes, MPI offers outstation students the option of air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned rooms with Twin or Quad-sharing. However, priority will be given to new students. Year 2 and 3 students will be given consideration to continue their boarding depending on the availability of rooms. Click here for more info and details of fees and facilities.

Does MPI accept international students?
Yes, we do. Our International Student Operations Office helps and advises students on their enquiries regarding admission and international student applications. It also looks into the welfare of international students and handles all visa application related matters. Reception upon arrival at the airport as well as accommodation will be arranged for students.Assistance will also be rendered to students returning to their home country. For more info on immigration procedures and requirements, please refer to the website at http://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/pass.html?id=288

Does MPI provide a platform for alumni members to connect and network?
The MPI alumni association allows its alumni members to connect with each other through events organized by the committee. One of MPI alumni’s major event is the “Pilley Heritage Run”,a marathon held annually with the aim to raise funds towards its scholarship foundation to help financially poor students studying at MPI. We welcome all alumni of MPI to support and contribute financially or in any ways possible towards this annual event. We also welcome all alumni to join as a member of the alumni association. For more info on the membership fees and other detail, please click here.

How do students file a complaint, concern or feedback about anything regarding MPI?
You can approach our MPI Student Council’s “Student Welfare Department”, to lodge your concerns. This department looks into the general well being of the students, as well as provide support or campaign on any student issues to improve the welfare of students. Click here for more info.