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Bengkel Guru SPM Matematik
Mengenai Format

This event aims to enhance the knowledge of accounting and to help SPM Form 5 students to prepare for SPM Prinsip Perakaunan examination.

UEC Business Studies Quiz Competition
and Seminar

National University of Tainan and Methodist Pilley Institute jointly organize the 2021 UEC Business Studies Quiz Competition and Seminar. The purpose of this activity is to instill an interest in business studies among students and help senior middle three students achieve better results in the subject of Unified Examination Chinese (UEC).

UEC Mathematics Quiz Competition & Information Engineering Seminar

Chang Jung Christian University Taiwan and Methodist Pilley Institute jointly organizes the 2021 UEC Mathematics Quiz Competition and Information Engineering Seminar. The purpose of these events is to instill a love and interest of learning Mathematics in the students of independent Chinese secondary schools and to help them get better results.

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June 10 毕理学院,您的职业生涯的起跑点

Methodist Pilley Institute (MPI) 成立于 1991 年 4 月,今年 也是毕理学院 庆祝成立 30 周年。在过去的30年里,毕理学院以低廉的学费政策,祝福了许多家庭,他们的孩子能够获得国内外同等认可的学历。 毕理学院决心让每个人都应该有机会学习、毕业并在生活中取得成功。

May 30 Seminar on Prinsip Perakaunan & Mathematics Quiz

ACCA Malaysia and Methodist Pilley Institute organized online seminar on SPM Prinsip Perakaunan cum Accounting and Mathematics Quiz Competition for Form 3 students. The purpose of the event is to education Form 3 students the knowledge of SPM Prinsip Perakaunan and the benefits of choosing the subject in SPM, and to motivate the students to further their study in SPM Form 4 & Form 5, and to introduce ACCA qualification.

May 24 MPI ACCA Professional Accountancy Pathway

The accounting department at MPI is well known and one of the best, but how do you decide which one is more suitable for you? MPI provides CAT/FIA, DIPLOMA, DEGREE, and ACCA. How are they different?