Student Loans



Loan Eligibility Requirement

  1. Malaysian Citizen;
  2. Aged not exceeding 45 years on the date of application;
  3. Get offers to IPTA / IPTS and Polytechnics by fulfilling the entry qualification requirements set by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA);
  4. The courses attended by IPTA / IPTS students and Polytechnics must be approved by the Ministry of Education and registered with PTPTN; *
  5. For IPTS students, the courses to be followed must obtain the Certificate of Accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and are still within the validity period of the application date;
  6. For students who have different qualifications of verification must be obtained from the department or agency as stated above;
  7. The remaining period of study at the time of application must be not less than one (1) year;
  8. No other sponsors;
  9. Has opened SSPN-i** account.

Loan amount


Programme Maximum Loan 75 % 50 %
All Diploma Programmes in MPI RM 6,800/ year RM 5,100/ year RM 3,400/ year
Total Loan (2.5 years) RM 17,000 RM 12,750 RM 8,500


Programme Maximum Loan 75 % 50 %
All Degree Programmes in MPI RM 13,600/ year RM 10,200/ year RM 6,800/ year
Total Loan (3 years) RM 40,800 RM 30,600 RM 20,400

The loan amount is subject to the following criteria:

Maximum loan: Full Loan – Student or parent are BR1M recipients and family income per month is less than RM4,000
75% from the maximum loan: 75% – Student or parents are NOT BR1M recipients and family income per month is less than RM8,000
50% from the maximum loan: 50% – Student or parents are NOT BR1M recipients and family income per month is more than RM8,000

*Some loan amount for certain programmes may vary, the final amount is subject to PTPTN arrangement.

For further inquiry, please visit or contact

  • UTC PTPTN Office (Sibu Central Market) or call 084-319964
  • MPI Student Affairs Office or call 084 322268

MPI Loan

In the event PTPTN is granted but does not meet applicant’s academic expenses, students can apply for the yearly MPI study loan. Subject to approval, this loan is open for full time students only.

Upon successful application, a yearly loan of either RM 4,000 or RM 6,000 will be granted to students who are in need.

MPI Study Loan Application Form

Guardian’s Income Declaration Form


This loan provided by SCAC (Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference) is available for members or members’ children of the Methodist churches in Sarawak. A loan of RM 3,000 (for local Higher Institutes/ Universities) and RM 5,000 (for overseas tertiary education) will be granted to successful applicants without interest. Applicants must pay back the loan in monthly or quarterly installments after their graduation.