New Degree Programme – BSc (Hons) in Finance and Investment

New Degree Programme – BSc (Hons) in Finance and Investment

Methodist Pilley Institute is proud to offer another new degree programme – BSc (Hons) in Finance and Investment, in collaboration with UCSI University. The programme aims to produce competent graduates with the fundamental knowledge and skills to undertake capital appraisals, financial assets valuation and management of investments and risks in various financial markets including equities, bond, FOREX, commodities and derivatives. Specifically, the programme will expose students to both theoretical and practical approaches in areas such as corporate finance, security analysis and portfolio management. Overall, the programme encompasses a comprehensive study of money markets, financial instruments, financial planning, banking and corporate restructuring.

The degree programme is accredited by the professional bodies: Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) and The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI). Graduates of the degree programme can continue to pursue the professional qualifications of the above professional bodies, thus enjoy a wide career opportunity: investment analyst, credit manager, treasurer, financial trader, fund manager, credit analyst, financial planner, investment broker, investment banker, risk manager, financial analyst.

The degree programme accepts STPM, UEC, A-level, business-related diploma, matriculation or foundation as entry requirement. The next intake for the degree programme is 10 September 2019. For course inquiry, please call 084-322268.

新学位课程 – 金融与投资理学士(荣誉)学位

卫理毕理学院很荣幸与UCSI大学合作,提供另一个新的学位课程 – 金融与投资理学士(荣誉)学位。 该课程旨在培养具备金融与投资知识和技能的专业人才,以进行资本评估,金融资产评估以及各种金融市场包括股票、债券、外汇、商品和衍生品的投资和风险管理。 具体而言,该课程将让学生学习到有关公司财务、安全分析和投资组合管理等领域的理论和实践方法。 总体而言,该课程很全面的提供有关货币市场、金融工具、财务规划、银行业务和公司重组这些方面的学习。

该学位课程获得两大专业机构:马来西亚财务规划协会(FPAM)和英国特许证券与投资协会(CISI)的认证。 完成学位的毕业生可以继续进修并考获上述专业机构的专业资格,因此,毕业生享有更广泛的就业机会,如投资分析师,信贷经理,财务主管,金融交易员,基金经理,信贷分析师,理财规划师,投资经纪人,投资银行家,风险经理,金融分析师等等。

学位课程接受STPM,UEC,A-level,商业相关文凭,预科或基础文凭作为入学要求。 学位课程的下一个入学日期是2019年9月10日。欲查询有关课程,请致电084-322268。