May 30 Seminar on SPM Prinsip Perakaunan cum Accounting and Mathematics Quiz Competition for Form 3 students

Seminar on SPM Prinsip Perakaunan cum Accounting and Mathematics Quiz Competition for Form 3 students

ACCA Malaysia and Methodist Pilley Institute organized online seminar on SPM Prinsip Perakaunan cum Accounting and Mathematics Quiz Competition for Form 3 students. The purpose of the event is to education Form 3 students the knowledge of SPM Prinsip Perakaunan and the benefits of choosing the subject in SPM, and to motivate the students to further their study in SPM Form 4 & Form 5, and to introduce ACCA qualification. The organizers were proud to have invited Madam Ong Ai Ching, a Guru Cermelang from west Malaysia to give a talk entitled “why choose Prinsip Perakaunan in SPM”, following the talk is the Accounting and Mathematics Quiz Competition. The event was participated by 22 schools from East Malaysia – Sarawak and Sabah, with 40 teachers and 270 students in total.

Mr Hii King Kai, Principal of Methodist Pilley, in his welcoming address, has given the outlook and insight of the current trend of education and its future development: “The world is evolving rapidly, especially with fast-changing artificial intelligence technologies. Management consulting firm, McKinsey predicted that over 800 million jobs may be taken over by computers and machines by 2030. Not only manual and repetitive jobs, but also jobs that require college degrees could be taken over by Internet of Things (IOT) technologies. Furthermore, with COVID-19 pandemic, the change within workplace is being expedited. As work-from-home options are now extensively embraced by employers, fresh graduates will not only compete with their peers for jobs, they may also face intense competition from job-seekers from abroad as company can easily outsource part of their operations to other companies or more capable free-lance workers from overseas. Thus, in addition to acquiring technical knowledge and skills, students nowadays would need to improve on their human skills, including social skills, negotiation skills, interpersonal skills, etc. in order to prevent themselves from being replaced by machines or jobseekers from other countries. Furthermore, students would need to acquire the skills of learning so they can continue to add value to themselves to stay ahead. Thus, going for tertiary education and earning a degree certification should not not an end to itself, but rather a mean to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for them to compete. It is important that form three students to know what to expect in the future so they can be better prepared for a future that’s largely unknown.”

Out of 270 students attempting the Accounting and Mathematics quiz competition, 226 have completed the quiz within the allocated times. The following are the results of the categories of best scorers of each school, individual and interschool:

Category of best scorer of each school – 19 schools are shortlisted:

Category of Individual:

Category of interschool:


英国特许公认会计师公会(ACCA)和卫理毕理学院联合举办了有关中学会计基础科(SPM Prinsip Perakaunan)的线上讲座会暨会计和数学常识比赛。 该活动的目的是介绍和教导中三学生(FORM 3)有关中学会计基础科(SPM Prinsip Perakaunan)以及在升上高中时选择该科目的好处,并介绍特许公认会计师证书课程(ACCA)。 主办单位很荣幸地邀请了来自西马经验丰富的优秀老师王爱群女士主讲 “为什么选择SPM的会计基础科”,专题演讲过后是线上中三会计和数学常识比赛。 一共有来自东马(砂拉越和沙巴)的22所学校参加了这次活动,共有40名中学老师和270名学生参加。

卫理毕理学院院长许钧凯先生在致欢迎辞时分享目前的教育趋势及其未来发展,让学生们了解未来社会的需要: “整个世界正在迅速发展,尤其是随着快速变化的人工智能技术的发展。管理咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey)预测,到2030年,计算机和机器将取代8亿个工作岗位。 不仅是人工和重复性工作,而且要求大学学位的工作也可以由物联网(IOT)技术取代。 此外,随着COVID-19大流行,工作场所内的变化正在加速。由于雇主现在已经广泛接受在家工作的选择,大学毕业生不仅会与同行竞争工作机会,而且他们还可能面临来自国外求职者的激烈竞争,因为公司可以轻松地将部分业务外包给其他公司或更多来自海外的有能力的自由职业者。 因此,除了获得技术知识和技能外,当今的学生还需要提高他们的与人相处的能力,包括社交能力,谈判技巧,人际沟通等,以防止自己被其他国家的机器或求职者所取代。 此外,学生将需要把握学习的能力,以便他们可以继续为自己增值以保持领先地位。因此,接受高等教育并获得学位证书并不表示学习就此结束,而是获取与他人竞争所需要的技能和知识的一种过程。更重要的是,中三的学生(FORM 3)必许知道未来世界的发展和社会的趋势,以便他们从现在开始,就可以为未来更充足的准备。”

在270名参加中三会计和数学常识比赛的学生中,有226名在限定时间内完成了所有题目。 以下是各学校的最佳表现的学生,个人组最好三名和学校组冠亚季军的成绩: