May 24 MPI ACCA Professional Accountancy Pathway

MPI ACCA Professional Accountancy Pathway

In middle school, when answering math questions, there are many ways to get answers, but there is only one correct answer. Similarly, there are many ways to succeed, but there is only one ultimate goal, the meaning of life. The accounting department at MPI is well known and one of the best, but how do you decide which one is more suitable for you?

MPI provides CAT/FIA, DIPLOMA, DEGREE, and ACCA. How are they different?

-Diploma in Accounting, its purpose is to enable students to master all aspects of accounting knowledge and master basic skills. Improving students’ understanding of accounting is not only limited to handling accounts, but also learning basic tax treatment, and also improving students’ operation of the company’s internal management model. Let students learn a comprehensive foundation within two and a half years, so that they can have “one skill” out of society.

-Degree in Accounting, its purpose is to let students have a deeper understanding of accounting modes, and to familiarize them with more practice modes, and to experience accounting operations in the workplace. At this stage, students will be more familiar with the workplace, understand how to complete a complete set of accounting plans and reports, and learn the skills of writing papers by simulating the company’s situation. At the same time, students will be able to work in the company through internship The actual operation here helps them enter the company in the future, can quickly and familiarize themselves with the work at hand, and more easily get the company’s favor. Allow students to learn effective accounting, problem-solving skills, actual company operations, and teamwork relationships within 3 years.

-CAT / FIA is a condensed version of Diploma, which condenses two and a half years of accounting knowledge to the essence, allowing students to master accounting skills within one year. As the classroom at this stage is full of challenges, students must have super-strong self-discipline, as well as automatic and spontaneous learning and asking questions. This certificate is also accredited by the Chartered Accountants Association (ACCA). Students can complete this diploma in one year, with this diploma directly enter the ACCA level to study international professional accounting.

MPI offers four levels of accounting departments, where students can make their own decisions based on their abilities. Middle school students (SPM) can open the door of accounting from diploma or CAT/FIA, and then study for degree or ACCA diploma. Independent high school students (UEC) can start directly from the degree, and then study for the ACCA diploma.

According to one of our accounting student- Koo Ing Hung – she started the accounting path from the diploma. She said, “I was a Diploma at MPI, and I am currently studying ACCA. Student. Recalling that I was ignorant at the beginning, I chose the Department of Accounting and Finance because of my love for numbers and the encouragement of my family. As for the reason why I chose MPI, the reason is simpler and clearer, that is, the proximity to home and the reputation of the school- Especially the accounting department has a very good reputation and certification in the mouth of the public.

MPI is a beautiful and vibrant school. The courses offered here are recognized by the Malaysian Academy of Accreditation. I started my accounting career with complete peace of mind. The lecturers I met were very good, and most of them were employed full-time in related fields before becoming lecturers. They often use real situations to make examples in courses, which are very lively and interesting. This also allows me to connect academic knowledge with future work more closely.

The well-equipped facilities here, it must also be mentioned that the MPI has a strong ability to change. As the epidemic spreads, many physical courses must be converted to online courses. The college’s electronic technology team has set up an online learning space in a short time, allowing us to continue to take classes at a distance with the help of technology.

I enjoy my time studying here very much. Not only did I absorb new knowledge academically, I also improved a lot of soft skills during this period. I went from being an introverted me to later participating in various group activities in the school. My self-confidence has improved, and my independent thinking ability, teamwork and leadership, perseverance and adaptability, communication and interpersonal skills have also improved significantly. I also had a group life outside of school, participating in church service and so on. Even so, it does not affect my studies. On the contrary, I made a group of friends, and everyone actively studied together. I was also fortunate to get some scholarships from the school as encouragement during my studies. I hope you all work together to make a good victory for your future. “

And another accounting student- Ting Siew Jing – she opened the door of accounting from CAT. She said, “The reason why I chose MPI is because my hometown is in Sibu, so transportation is very convenient. In addition, MPI’s courses are affordable and it is also ACCA’s Gold Approved Learning Partners. I believe that the teaching level also meets a certain standard. The lecturers are also very enthusiastic about teaching. I chose MPI with confidence.

I have studied at MPI for more than a year so far. I have no regrets. The lecturers are very helpful. If there is something I don’t understand in the class, I will ask them again after class and they will explain it patiently until we understand it. In addition, I also realized that friends with good personalities can discuss their studies together, selflessly share knowledge points that are not good at each other, help each other solve problems in schoolwork, and can also play together.

The most impressive thing should be this epidemic. After the lockdown, online classes began. At the beginning, the lecturers and students may not be familiar with how to operate, but because of the continuation of the epidemic, we have become familiar with it and brought a lot of convenience. So far, I have been taking online classes for nearly a year. I have been studying here for more than a year, and I have been online classes for a year of my university life. It can be said that it is very unforgettable.

At MPI, there will always be students from foreign countries and different backgrounds, so I think this is actually a good opportunity to learn how to deal with different people, including dealing with interpersonal relationships or dealing with people. On the one hand, I believe it will definitely help in the future work environment.

In the class, some lecturers will tell about their own personal work experience related to teaching, remind us of the things we should pay attention to when we enter the society and work in related fields, let us first have a concept and framework to know what we should or should not do, this I think it’s a good way of teaching, so it’s not easy to get bored in class. In addition, the lecturers will provide sufficient teaching materials, and sometimes even give us additional textbooks for us to refer to, read, and do exercises, which can be said to be very conscientious.

It’s inevitable to face difficulties during school. Sometimes I can’t catch up with the course. I don’t understand what the lecturer is teaching in class. When the lecturer goes down and I don’t understand, I start to feel worried and pressured. I started to lose confidence. But once I find that I start to fall into these negative emotions, I will try to adjust my emotions to calm myself, keep myself in a positive learning state as much as possible, understand what kind of learning style is suitable for me, and have any questions. Communicate directly with the lecturer to resolve doubts. Also, let yourself have plenty of rest time and pray frequently. “

Although MPI is a place where students can not only grow in learning, but also cultivate children’s character. In addition to choosing the department that suits them, students also have to choose a learning mode that suits them. Parents, please rest assured to give your children to us, because we provide quality education, whole-person character education, and affordable tuition. We are not the best in the world, but we can give you our best.

The new programme – FIA

FIA is a department under the name of ACCA, but it is not a new department, but a condensed version of the past CAT. FIA is also one of the thresholds for entering ACCA, but it allows students to absorb enough knowledge in a shorter time and then study ACCA accounting diploma. The process from FIA to ACCA allows students to complete a professional accounting in 3.5 years, and apply what they have learned at work. FIA can help students learn supervisors and ethics, and tailor skills to meet different business needs and environments, such as the core skills of financial accounting and management accounting, and the ability of accountants to work in higher-level businesses.

FIA only needs 1 year to study 7 subjects, and it only costs about RM5500 to complete the FIA certificate. If you are a candidate for the Junior High School (SPM), you only need to use 5 Credits including Mathematics and English; if you are a candidate for the Independent High School (UEC), you only need to use 3 B6 including Mathematics and English, can register for admission.

The first class of FIA will start on June 14th, and we also provide good news. The first 50 students who sign up can get a discount of RM1000 tuition fee. Please quickly contact the Marketing Department of MPI at 084-322268 or 01155568806 for more details and to request a discount.



毕理学院提供了CAT/FIA, 文凭, 学士学位和ACCA。他们各自都有什么不同呢?

– Diploma in Accounting是会计证书,其目的是让学生打好会计各个层面的知识,掌握好基本的技巧。提高学生对会计的认知,不但只是限制于处理帐目,同时也学习基础的税务处理,也提高学生对公司内部管理模式的操作。让学生在2年半内学习全面的基础,使他们出了社会能有 “一技之长” 。

– Degree in Accounting是会计文凭,其目的是让学生更深入了解会计的模式,更多以操练的模式使学生熟悉,并能体会在职场上的会计操作。在此阶段,将会提高学生对职场的熟悉,了解如何完成一套完整的会计方案和报告,并以模拟公司的境况学习写论文的技巧,同时也透过实习的模式,让学生能够在公司里实际的操作,帮助他们未来进入公司里,可以快速和熟悉手上的工作,更容易得到公司的青睐。让学生在3年内可以学习有效的处理会计,解决问题的能力,公司实际的操作,以及团队的合作关系。

– CAT / FIA 是浓缩版的Diploma,将2年半的会计知识,浓缩至精华,让学生在1年内便可掌握会计的技巧。由于此阶段的课堂充满挑战,学生必须要有超强的自律,以及自动自发的学习和发问。此证书也是受英国特许会计公会(ACCA)认证,学生能用1年的时间完成此文凭,凭着此文凭直接进入ACCA等级修读国际专业会计科系。

– ACCA 英国特许会计公会是全球最具规模的国际专业会计师组织,为全世界有志投身于财务、会计以及管理领域的专才提供首选的资格认证,是顶级的财会证书。ACCA培养的是能够为企业增值的会计师。当学生修读ACCA的课程,便是同时加入国际ACCA,注册成为ACCA的会员,ACCA会员资格在国际上得到广泛认可,尤其得到欧盟立法以及许多国家公司法的承认。所以拥有ACCA会员资格,就拥有了在世界各地就业的”通行证”。ACCA的课程就是根据现时商务社会对财会人员的实际要求进行开发、设计的,特别注意培养学生的分析能力和在复杂条件下的决策、判断能力。系统的、高质量的培训给予学生真才实学,学生学成后能适应各种环境,并逐步成为具有全面管理素质的高级财务管理专家。ACCA会员可在工商企业财务部门、审计/会计师事务所、金融机构和财政、税务部门从事财务和财务管理工作。很多会员在世界各地大公司担任高级职位,例如:财务经理、财务总监CFO,甚至总裁CEO。

根据我们其中一位会计系的学生——顾仁凤——她是从文凭开启了会计之路,她说“我是一名曾经在毕理学院(MPI)就读文凭课程, 目前正在读着 ACCA 的毕理学生。 回想当初懵懵懂懂的我 凭着自己喜欢数字以及在家人的鼓励下我选择了会计与金融系。 至于为什么选择毕理学院的理由更加简单明了,那就是离家近以及学校名声好-尤其是 会计系在社会大众的口中有着很好的口碑以及认证。

毕理学院 是一所环境优美,生气勃勃的学校。这里提供的课程是受马来西亚学术鉴 定局所承认。我完全安心的开启了我的会计系生涯。我遇到的讲师们都非常棒,多数 在成为讲师前全职在相关领域就业。他们时常在课程中使用真实的情况来做列子,非 常的生动有趣,这也让我更加贴切的把学术知识与将来的工作连接在一起。

这里的设备齐全,也必须一提的是 毕理学院 有着很强的变化能力。随着疫情的蔓延, 许多的实体课必须转为线上课程。学院 的 电子 技术团队在短时间内设立了一个线上学习 空间,让我们靠着科技的帮助在远距离继续上课。

我非常享受在这里求学的时光。我不仅在学术上吸收新知识,我也在这期间提 升了很多的 人际关系的技巧。 我从一个偏内向的我到后来参加了学校的各个团体活动。我的 自信心提升,独立思考能力、团队协作与领导力、毅力与适应能力、沟通与人际交往 能力等也明显的提升了。我在校外也有了团体生活,参与教会事奉等。 虽然如此,但 这并不影响我的学业。反而我结交了一班朋友,大家一起积极学习,我也有幸在就读 期间获得学校的一些奖学金作为鼓励。愿大家一 起为自己的前途打下美好的胜战。”

而另一位会计系的学生——陈秀晶——她是从CAT开启了会计之门, 她说“之所以我选择毕理学院,因为我的家乡就在诗巫,所以交通进出都非常方便。另外毕理学院的课程价格实惠并且也是ACCA的金级认可培训中心(Gold Approved Learning Partners),相信在教学水平上也有达到一定的标准,讲师们也很热心教学,让我放心的选择了毕理学院。








新课程 FIA

FIA是ACCA名下的科系,但它不是新开办的科系,而是过去CAT的浓缩版。FIA一样是进入ACCA的门槛之一,但可以让学生用更短的时间内吸取足够的知识,然后进修ACCA会计文凭。从FIA到ACCA的过程,让学生可以在3年半内修完一门专业会计文凭, 并在工作上学以致用。FIA可以帮助学生学习主管和道德规范,根据需要量身定制技能来满足不同的业务需求和环境,例如:财务会计和管理会计的核心技能,会计师在更高层次的业务中的工作能力。

FIA只需用1年的时间,修读7个科目,仅仅花费RM5500左右,便可完成FIA证书。倘若你是国中会考生(SPM)你只需用5 个Credits 包括数学和英文,就可以报名入学;倘若你是独中会考生(UEC)你只需用3个B6 包括数学和英文,就可以报名入学。

FIA的第一堂课将于6月14日开课,同时提供一个好消息,前50位报名的学生,可获得RM1000的学费优惠折扣。请快速联系毕理学院市场部 084-322268 或 01155568806,了解更多详情并索取优惠折扣。