Apr 1 MPI to Hold Webinar on Cyber Security & Data Science on 10 April

MPI to Hold Webinar on Cyber Security & Data Science on 10 April

Methodist Pilley Institute, Sibu (MPI) is organising a webinar on the awareness of Cyber Security and Data Science on 10 April 2021, time: 2-4 pm. All public members who would like to know more about these topics are welcome to join. The two very experienced speakers for the talks are Mr. Jeffrey Low and Dr. Yu. There will be Q&A session at the end of each online talk.

Mr. Jeffrey Low Ken Wai, a senior cyber security consultant from LGMS, Malaysia’s leading cyber security penetration testing and assessment firm in the Asia Pacific region will speak on cyber threats and security. The security industry in the U.S. is $100 billion a year business, and the career demand for heightened security has increased with the theft of information, terrorism, and financial crimes. How can users protect themselves from being hacked, phished and how to ward off such attacks? This talk will focus on the latest threats in the digital/cyber world, and also career prospects in this area.

Dr. Yu Yong Poh will speak on Artificial Intelligence (AI), a field related to Data Science. He will speak on what is data science, and how AI can be successfully integrated into multiple aspects of businesses. Dr Yu received B.Eng. and PhD degrees from University of Malaya. He joined Intel PSG as an application engineer in 2008, eventually, joined TARUC as a programme leader for postgraduate programme. He is currently a lead technical trainer at AirAsia. His main research areas are signal & image processing, and data analytics. Many major technology giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook are leveraging Artificial Intelligence to develop autonomous systems. Data Science is a field that makes use of AI to generate predictions, but also focuses on transforming data for analysis and visualizations.


卫理毕理学院将于2021年4月10日,时间从下午2时到4时举办一场线上讲座会,以提高人们对网络安全和数据科学的认识。 欢迎所有想进一步了解这些专题的公众参与。 两位非常有经验的讲师是刘根玮先生先生和杨荣宝博士。 讲座结束时将进行问答环节给听众发问。

在马来西亚领先的网络安全渗透测试与评估公司LGMS的高级网络安全顾问刘根玮先生将就网络威胁与安全做分享。 美国的网络安全行业每年的业务收入为1000亿美元,随着信息盗窃,恐怖主义和金融犯罪的频繁发生,对增强网络安全性的专业需求也日益增加。网络用户比许保护自己免受骇客攻击,以及如何防备此类攻击。 该讲座将讨论数字/网络世界中的最新威胁,以及该领域的职业前景。

杨荣宝博士将分享与数据科学相关的人工智能(AI)。 他将讨论什么是数据科学,以及如何将AI成功地结合并应用到业务的多个方面。 于博士获得工程学学士学位,拥有马来亚大学博士学位。他于2008年以一名应用工程师的身份加入了英特尔PSG,并最终加入TARUC成为大学课程的主任。他目前是亚航的首席技术培训师。他的主要研究领域是信号和图像处理以及数据分析。谷歌,亚马逊和面子书等许多主要的技术巨头都在利用人工智能来开发自主系统。 而数据科学是一个利用人工智能产生预测的技术领域,但同时也专注于转换数据以进行分析和可视化。