Apr 10 2021 UEC Mathematics Quiz Competition and Information Engineering Seminar

UEC Mathematics Quiz Competition and Information Engineering Seminar

Chang Jung Christian University Taiwan and Methodist Pilley Institute jointly organizes the 2021 UEC Mathematics Quiz Competition and Information Engineering Seminar. The purpose of these events is to instill a love and interest of learning Mathematics in the students of independent Chinese secondary schools and to help them get better results in UEC Mathematics examinations. The online platform for the events is zoom meeting and YouTube.

The dates and schedule of the events are as follows:

Date Activity
June 5 Workshop “Web Design”
June 12 Seminar “Mathematics and Information Engineering”
Seminar “Mathematics and Computer Science”
“UEC Mathematics Quiz Competition”
June 12th “Web Design Competition” submission of works
June 19th Announcement of results

Through these seminars, competitions and workshops, Chang Jung Christian University and Methodist Pilley Institue are willing to share valuable educational resources and experience with the schools – to stimulate students’ interest in Mathematics and provide guidance and inspiration for students to further their studies and career development. We look forward to the active participation of the students and teachers. The registration deadline is 5 May 2021.

Introduction to Methodist Pilley Institute

The Methodist Pilley Institute was established in April 1991 in loving memory of Mr and Mrs John A. Pilley who had toiled and dedicated selflessly to the education of the people in the central region of Sarawak. Methodist Pilley Institute is the oldest higher learning institution in Sibu, Sarawak. The institute has its own 6-acre campus, away from commercial and traffic congested areas, and provides an excellent learning environment for students. Since the establishment, Methodist Pilley Institute has continued to thrive and educated thousands of students in the past 30 years. At present, it has become a distinguished institution of higher learning. Its mission is to cultivate citizens and leaders with good characters and social responsibility by providing quality, wholesome and affordable education.

At present, the courses offered by Methodist Pilley Institute including accounting, taxation, finance and investment, business management, marketing, early childhood education, computer science, social work, A-level, elderly care and English courses.

Introduction to Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

Chang Jung Christian University is located in Tainan, Taiwan. Established in 1993. It has 9 colleges and departments, namely, management, safety and health sciences, humanities and social sciences, information and design, fine arts, safety and health sciences, theology, sustainable education, and practice and education for the environment, with 54 degree programmes in total. There are about 400 international students from various countries, with a diverse learning environment, and hundreds of clubs and societies of different nature. Apart from studying, students can also gain a different learning experience by participating in the extracurricular activities; the only train station named after a university in Taiwan – Chang Jung Christian University Station, which only takes 5 minutes to Tainan High Speed Rail Station (Taipei can be reached within two hours), and less than 20 minutes to Tainan Station (city area). The transportation is convenient.

CJCU has won the QS World University four-star rating, and qualified for the Asian regional university rankings TOP401-450.

For inquiries about the details of the event, schedule, lectures, workshops, registration, and other matters, please contact the person in charge of the event – Mr Bobo Wong (WhatsApp 0138110323)

Registration QR code for the 2021 UEC Mathematics Quiz Competition and Information Engineering Seminar:


長榮大學與衛理畢理學院聯合舉辦2021年數學常識比賽暨資訊工程講座會。 這項活動的目的為了提升華文獨立中學的中學生對數學的興趣及幫助高三學生在數學科考獲更好的成績。 線上平台为云视频会议, YouTube。


日期 活動
6月5日 工作坊 《網頁設計》
6月12日 《講座》
6月12日 《網頁設計比賽》 作品呈交
6月19日 成績揭曉



衛理毕理學院(Methodist Pilley Institute)成立於1991年4月,为紀念一对美國傳教士約翰.毕理夫妇,在砂拉越中區为人民的教育事业给予無私的奉献。 毕理學院是砂拉越詩巫最古老的高等教育機構,該學院擁有自己的6英畝校園,遠離商業和交通擁擠的地區,為莘莘学子提供了一個的优良的学习環境。 自创校以來,毕理學院不断的茁壮成长,过去三十年来,栽培了数千名的学生。 目前,它已成為一所傑出的高等教育機構。 其办学使命是通過提供優質,全人和可負擔得起的教育课程來培養具备好品德和社會責任感的公民和領導人。



長榮大學位於臺灣臺南,成立於西元 1993 年,設有管理、健康科學、人文社會、資訊暨設計、美術、安全衛生科學、神學、永續教育及環境教育國際實驗等 9 個學院,共有 54 個學系,是一所綜合型大學。有來自各國約 400 位國際學生,具有多元的學習環境,亦有上百個不同性質的社團,學生學習之餘,也能藉由參加社團擁有不一樣的體驗;擁有全台唯一以學校命名的火車站-長榮大學站,此站前往台南高鐵站只要 5 分鐘(兩小時內可到台北),前往台南站(市區)不到 20 分鐘,交通便利。

長榮大學榮獲 QS 世界大學四星評等,並進入亞洲地區大學排名 TOP401-450。

有關活動的細節、節目表、講座、工作坊、報名方式及其他事項的詢問,請聯絡活動負責人–畢理學院輔導老師黃中吉老師 (WhatsApp 0138110323)