Nov 6 MPI ACCA External Results in September 2020

MPI ACCA External Results in September 2020

Methodist Pilley Institute is filled with joy to announce that more than half of their ACCA programme students passed their external exams in September 2020. MPI would like to especially congratulate the six students who have completed all the papers in this exam session and now become ACCA affiliates. They are Alice Ting Ming, Cheong Wooi Yi, Janet Loh Hui Ching, Lim Pei Yi, Tiong Wei Xuan and Wong Ling Xin. With another 3 years of relevant accounting experience, they will become certified chartered accountants.

Out of the 123 students who took the ACCA exams in the September 2020 exam session, 70 have passed all the papers, the students have achieved an overall 57 percent pass rate. The notable achievement in this session was that 70 percent of the papers attempted by the students have their results exceeded above the global pass rate, the details of the achievement as follows: –

ACCA Paper MPI pass rate
FM Financial management 91%
AAA Advanced Audit and Assurance 88%
FR Financial Reporting 73%

MPI understands the importance for students to progress further on their careers with ACCA qualification to become professional accountants, and so despite the challenges during the time of pandemic, lecturers have worked hard over the past few months to help the students to prepare and perform well in the exam.

▲ 4 ACCA affiliates: Cheong Wooi Yi, Janet Loh Hui Ching, Alice Ting Ming, Lim Pei Yi

Lim Pei Yi’s testimony:
Ms Lim Pei Yi has chosen to study accounting at MPI because MPI is famous in accounting programmes, the lecturers are qualified and experienced. Besides, the tuition fees are more affordable compared to the other private colleges or universities. MPI is located in sibu which is near to her hometown Song. The reason she has chiosen ACCA programme is because this course takes only 3 years to complete which is relatively short in time compared to taking other diploma and degree courses.

The key factor which contribute to my her successfully completing the ACCA qualification is the quality of teaching and learning experience. When she had doubts on the lessons, she would discuss it with her friends and also lecturers. Ms Lim said she would prefer to sit at the front rows so that she could concentrate more and understand better what the lecturers had taught. She would also do revision at home. When the exam was around the corner, she will go to the library to do revision. Besides, she would also go to the ACCA website to do the past year papers and the revision kit so that she could be more confident to sit for the exam.

For those juniors who are now pursuing tertiary education, her advice to them is paying more attention in class. Always do revision and study hard, do more exercises, as hard work is the key to success


卫理毕理学院的ACCA课程的学生有超过一半通过2020年9月份的校外考试。毕理学院要特别祝贺在本届考试中完成所有英国特许公认会计师公会的试卷,并成为ACCA准会员(ACCA Affiliates)的六名学生。他们是陈敏,张伟亿,罗慧青,林佩仪,张玮玹和黄灵欣。这些学生再经过三年的跟会计相关的工作经验,就会升格成为受我国会计专业组织承认,有合格证书特许公认会计师

在2020年9月份的ACCA考试中,毕理学院有123位学生报考, 当中有70位学生全部及格,及格率达57%。 毕理学院的学生在本届考试成绩显著,有70%的试卷成绩超过了全球ACCA及格率,详细的成绩如下:

试卷 及格率
FM 财务管理 91%
AAA 高级审计与认证业务 88%
FR 财务报告 73%

获得英国特许公认会计师公会(ACCA)认证对会计系的学生而言,是成为专业会计师及对他们的事业成功至关重要的。 毕理学院在过去的几个月中,虽然面对新冠疫情的影响,但讲师们还是极力帮助学生的顺利的应付和通过考试。

▲ 四位完成ACCA全部试卷, 成为ACCA准会员的学生(左到右):张伟亿、罗慧青、陈敏、林佩仪。

林佩仪选择在毕理学院就读英国特许公认会计师公会课程(ACCA qualification)是因为毕理学院最有名的课程是会计,这里的师资有很好的水准,其次也是因为学费比其他的私利学院或大学较便宜,再加上她的SPM成绩可让她申请学院的学优奖(70%的学费折扣)。 再来就是诗巫比较靠近她家乡桑,诗巫的生活费也相对来说比较低,而且她的爸爸妈妈也比较放心她在诗巫读书,所以选择了毕理学院。决定读 ACCA课程 是因为就读这个课程,如果顺利的话只需要三年就可以完成,相对于其他课程来说花的时间就比较短的,然后便可以毕业工作了。

促使她成功的考取专业会计师资格证书原因主要还是老师的教导。只要她有什么不明白的地方,她会和同学讨论,然后还会请教老师。在上课时她喜欢坐在前面两排让自己更能专心听课,也看得清楚老师在白板上写的东西。此外,她都会在回家后把老师在学校所教的复习一遍让自己更明白。考试来临时她都会上图书馆复习。 尤其是在准备外面考试的时候,她几乎每天无论晴雨,都会准点到图书馆去复习到傍晚才回家。老师交代她回家阅读的资料,她都把它打印出来读。除了老师给的资料外,她会上ACCA网站找些历届试卷来参考,也会把所买的作业做过,让自己可以更有把握地应付考试。 对正在毕理学院进修各种课程的学弟学妹们林佩仪勉励他们上课专心很重要,也要自发复习课业,努力做习题。“只要你肯努力,成功就属于你,因为越努力就越优秀。”