Sep 26 Training Programme for Elderly Care Assistant

Tranining Programme For Elderly Care Assistant

Methodist Pilley Institute will offer training programme for elderly care assistant from 5 October to 14 November 2020. The purpose of this course is to train elderly caregivers to provide the immediate needs of elderly health care to our society.

The aging of the population is a phenomenon that our society is facing. As modern medical care and equipment become more sophisticated, quality of life improves, and fertility rates decline, the proportion of older people will increase. Some elderly people who need long-term nursing care due to illness choose to receive basic care at home because they do not like to stay in hospitals, nursing homes or similar facilities for a long time. Under such circumstances, family members need to know how to care for the elderly.

The training programme for elderly care assistant is to provide training for those who are interested in nursing care for the elderly. In this course, students will learn basic nursing knowledge and skills, such as: basic body needs, body anatomy, vital signs (body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar), understanding and prevention of infectious diseases and infection control, aging and illness, fall Risk and prevention, mobility and transfer methods, CPR training, first aid, introduction of bed sore and prevention, bed sore dressing and management, nutritional fundamentals, dietary arrangement, introduction to delirium, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, geriatrics, communication, family care, hospice care, laws, etc.

In addition, the trainees also have the opportunity to experience and practice at the health care centers. The entire course will be taught and instructed by medical doctors, physiotherapists, geriatricians, veteran nurses, and first aids providers. Well-trained elderly care assistants allow our elderly parents to get proper basic health care, so that they can live a healthy and happy life in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Classes are taught every Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, at Methodist Pilley Institute. The medium of instruction is Chinese and English. The tuition fee for the entire course is RM900. If you are interested in the course, please contact Methodist Pilley Institute at 01155568806 or 084-322268.


卫理毕理学院将在2020年10月5日到11月14日开办《长者照顾员课程》, 这项课程的目的是要培训专业的长者照顾员,以提供目前社会非常迫切需要的老人保健护理。

人口老龄化是我们社会必然要面对的一种现象。 由于现代的医疗服务和设备越趋完善,生活质量的提高,加上生育率下降,乐龄人士的人口比率将越来越高。 加上现今社会的环境,很多人尤其是双薪家庭,一边要忙于事业,一边要照顾年幼的孩子,一边又要照顾年迈的父母。 当家里的长者生病需要照顾的时候,很多人就会束手无策,也没时间陪伴与照顾家人。 长者照顾员无疑是很好的选择,但是要寻找合格且有真正受过训练的长者照顾员却非常困难。 有些因疾病而需要长期护理的老年人选择在家里接受基本的护理,是因为他们不喜欢长期住在医院,疗养院或类似的设施。 在这样的情况下,家人更需要懂得照顾长者。

卫理毕理学院之《长者照顾员课程》就是要为长者的子女或对老年人的护理有兴趣者提供培训。 在课程里,学员们会学到基本的护理知识和技巧,如:基本生理需要、身体结构舆功能、基本生命征象(体温、心跳、血压、血糖)、认识与预防传染病及感染控制、疾病征兆之认识与处理、摔倒风险和预防、移动和转位的方法、心肺复苏术、急救、认识褥疮及褥疮预防、褥疮敷料及管理方法、营养舆膳食的安排、老人痴呆症、老年病学、人际关系舆沟通技巧、家庭照顾的需要舆协助、临终关怀及安宁照顾、照顾服务相关法律的认识,等等。

此外,学员们也有机会到看护中心去体验和实做。 整个课程将会由专业的医生、物理治疗师、老年病学专家、资深的护士和急救员授课和指导。《长者照顾员课程》可以让我们家里年迈的父母得到妥善的基本保健护理,让他们可以在熟悉和舒适的环境下健康和快乐的生活。