New Programme: Diploma in Taxation

New Programme: Diploma in Taxation

Methodist Pilley Institute will roll out the new programme – Diploma in Taxation in January 2019. The official launching ceremony of the programme will be held at Paramount Hotel Sibu, at 6:30pm, on 19 October 2018 (Friday), during the appreciation dinner reception for industry partners of MPI.

This programme is specially designed to satisfy the needs of employers by allowing individuals to acquire technical knowledge and practical skills in accounting required to perform the roles of taxation and accounting personnel. It is the ideal qualification for those who search for the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge of the Malaysian taxation or those who wish to refresh and further build on tax knowledge.

This 2-year diploma programme not only enhances employment prospects, it meets the needs of those who aspire for a career in taxation or accountancy. It also provides a solid foundation to succeed in academic and professional qualifications and competencies required by employers to succeed in a variety of entry level position in the accountancy and taxation profession, private or public organizations. In addition, the qualification is a pathway to Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM) membership – then inspired to becoming a chartered tax practitioner.

Tax professionals are in large demand – all organizations whether small, medium or large require taxation advice and compliance work such as furnishing tax computations. With MPI’s Diploma in Taxation, one will be able to support financial managers or accountants in any type of business as accounts assistant/executive, tax assistant/executive, audit assistant, internal audit assistant/executive, administrative assistant/executive, and assistant tax accountant – an exciting profession that has the opportunity to be rewarding financially. For people who are already working in a tax-related field, earning a diploma in taxation can help them in their career and new avenues of employment may become available. For those who wish to continue their education, this diploma may count as credit towards a degree or professional qualification.

The entry requirement of the programme for SPM/‘O’ Level or its equivalent is a minimum of 4 credits including Mathematics and English; for UEC, a minimum of 3Bs including Mathematics plus SPM credit in English; for STPM, a minimum of grade C or GPA of 2.0 in at least two subjects (excluding Kertas Am/Pengajian Am) plus SPM credit in Mathematics and English. The total tuition fee is RM24,212.



税务文凭课程旨在提供有关会计和税务方面的知识和技巧的培训–对会计和税务原则和应用有深入的了解,从而让税务和会计专业人员更有效地履行工作和任务,以及满足雇主对税务服务的需求。 尤其是那些想要更多了解最新有关马来西亚的税收知识的人,或希望更新和进一步建立税务知识的人来说,税务文凭课程是进修和自我提升最理想的选择。

这个为期2年的课程不仅满足那些渴望从事税务职业的会计学科的毕业生的需求,也提升他们的就业前景 – 在商业或政府领域中胜任各种会计和税务职位,从而为职业生涯奠定了坚实和成功的基础。 此外,该文凭资格可以让毕业生晋升为CTIM会员 – 通过马来西亚特许税务协会进行的专业考试成为特许税务专业人员。

工商界对于税务专业人员需求量很大 – 所有组织,无论是小型、中型还是大型,都需要有人提供有关征税方面的建议和税收计算等的工作。 通过卫理毕理学院的税务文凭课程的培训,毕业生可以在各种类型的商业组织,扮演协助财务经理或会计师的助理角色,如会计助理/执行员、税务助理/执行员、审计助理、内部审计助理/执行员、行政助理/执行员和助理税务会计员。 由此可见,税务专业将是一个有机会获得很好经济回酬的职业。

课程的基本入学资格:SPM/‘O’水平或同等学历至少为4C(包括数学和英语);UEC 3B(包括数学)加上SPM英语考获C; STPM任何两科考获C或平均成绩点为2.0,加上SPM数学和英语考获C。 总学费为RM24,212。 若要询问详情,请联系084-322268。