UCSI University Dean’s Honours List

UCSI University Dean’s Honours List

  Methodist Pilley Institute would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the 13 BA (Hons) Accounting and 1 BA(Hons) Marketing students who are admitted to the UCSI University Dean’s Honours List for January 2017 as a recognition of their outstanding academic excellence. The undergraduate students from our BA(Hons) Accounting and BA(Hons) Marketing in collaboration with UCSI University, who maintain an average mark of 80% or more for a minimum of three courses taken (excluding the MOE/MPW/MPU courses and excluding English Foundation), are eligible for the Dean’s Honours List for that particular semester. The students are Tieh Pei Ling, Chang Oi Yee, Melissa Mok Yong Wei, Letty Chua, Catherine Lee Yi Jing, Clement Tang Qi Sheng, Ting Ming Yong, Sie Sing Wen, Hii King Poh, Lee Tat Yiing, Christine Siaw Chia Ying, Jenny Ting Mei Ching, Chieng Lin Hui. A loud applause to all these 13 students. We are proud of your achievement! Continue to do your best.

▲ PHOTO Caption: Group photo of the award recipients


  衛理毕理學院衷心祝賀13位獲得UCSI大學院長榮譽資格證書的学生,他们是在毕理学院修读會計学榮譽文學士學位BA(Hons)in Accounting 和市场营销学榮譽文學士BA(Hons)in Marketing學位课程时考獲傑出的學術成绩而获得此奖项。