Another recognition of ACCA and CAT Students’ academic achievement at Methodist Pilley Institute

Another recognition of ACCA and CAT Students' academic achievement at Methodist Pilley Institute

  Methodist Pilley Institute (MPI) again has proven itself to be the commendable Gold Status ACCA tuition provider that gives outstanding passing rates and high examination scores for Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
(ACCA) examinations.

  The principal, Mr Hii King Kai revealed that in the recent Computer-based exams (CBE) held in November 2016, 39 students sat for 81 CBE. They achieved 100% per cent pass rate for
three subjects with students scoring as high as 92 marks. It is a very satisfactory result with 33 out of the 39 students passed all the CBE sat.

  More than 60 students sat for the ACCA and CAT paper based examinations in
December examination session 2016 and one excellent student worthy of note, Loi Hui Zi scored 93 marks for the CAT subject, Foundations in Financial Management.

  A total of 8 students received the incentives award for achieving satisfactory results in both internal and external ACCA December 2016 examination. For the year 2016, a total worth of RM 12,884 has been given out as incentive awards for ACCA students to recognize the students’ accomplishments, to nurture a culture of learning and academic excellence among students.

  Of course, the role of parents in providing the best education for their children should not be forgotten. Without the support and sacrifice of the parents, the students may not achieve success. MPI would like to express its gratitude to all parents for their trust and support. MPI
hope to better serve the community especially Sibu community by providing quality, industry relevant and affordable education which stresses both academic excellence as well as character development of students.

Photo caption:

▲ Group photo of incentive awards recipients and the accounting lecturers


  卫理毕理学院特许公认会计师公会文凭课程(ACCA)和特许公认会计技师公会文凭课程(CAT)的学生考试成绩标青,再一次获得学术成就的认可。 这些学生在ACCA和CAT考试卓越的及格率和高考分再次证明卫理毕理学

  院长许均凯先生透露,在最近2016年11月举行的计算机考试(CBE)中,39名学生参加了81项CBE考试,有三个科目达到100%的及格率。 39名学生中有33名通过了所有的CBE考试。 一位优秀生,黎辉姿在CAT科目 –