Aug 12 The new intake of MPI Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons) – 20 August 2022

The new intake of MPI Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons) – 20 August 2022

SIBU: The Methodist Pilley Institute Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (Hons) Program (BECE) is the professional preparation for early childhood educators and carers. The program is spiral and integrated in scope and content. It begins with a broad base, progressively becoming learning-outcome based, and finally links school achievement with society and home. The program helps students acquire knowledge and understanding of the foundations of early childhood education, young children’s curriculum and the contemporary societal issues and trends linking home, school, and society. The graduates are academically strong, professionally competent, and personally motivated with national and international recognition for admission to postgraduate studies such as MA/Med and PhD. The program adheres to Early Childhood Education Principles and practice. For examples, 16 weeks teaching practicum and the independent inquiry.

Ms Esther Ha Hoa Yin, a UEC student from Catholic High School has shared her reason for choosing early childhood education, “I choose early childhood education because I like children. More importantly, I personally think that in terms of education, early childhood education is the most important and influential, because childhood experiences and education will affect a person’s life. The reason for choosing BECE programme at Methodist Pilley Institute is because it allows students the time and opportunity to work in kindergarten. This gives me the opportunity to pursue my degree studies at MPI and work in kindergarten at the same time, gaining practical experience, which eventually enable me to have a better understanding of the knowledge taught by the lecturers.”

Entry requirement of the program: STPM with minimum 2C, or UEC with minimum 5B or an equivalent diploma / Foundation / Matriculation with minimum CGPA 2.00

The next intake for BECE is 20 August 2022. For more information and course inquiry, please contact MPI at 084322268 or text WhatsApp messages to 01155568806.

卫理毕理学院幼儿教育(荣誉)学士课程 – 新学期开课日8月20日

诗巫:卫理毕理学院幼儿教育(荣誉)学士学位课程是为幼儿教育工作者提供的专业装备。该课程是从广泛的理论基础开始,逐渐变成以绩效为基础的学习,最后将学校与社会和家庭联系起来。 该课程帮助学生获得有关幼儿教育基础知识、有关家庭、学校和社会的问题和趋势。 该课程的毕业生的强项:学术能力强、专业能力强,个人积极性高,证书获得国内和国际认可,并可申请入学硕士/博士等研究生课程。 该课程注重实践,例如,16 周的实习。

夏浩颖,公教中学高三毕业后选修幼儿教育的原因, 她不单单只是喜欢小孩子,更重要的是她觉得在教育方面,幼儿教育是最重要且影响力最深远的,因为小时候的经历及所接受的教育会影响一个人的一生。 夏浩颖选择卫理毕理学院的幼儿教育系的原因是因为幼教学生们有时间及机会去到幼儿园工作。这让她有机会一边修读幼教课程,同时又可以在幼儿园工作,吸取经验,从而更了解学院讲师所传授的知识。

幼儿教育(荣誉)学士课程的入学资格要求:STPM 至少 2C,或独中高三UEC 至少 5B 或同等资格的文凭/基础/预科课程,最低 CGPA 2.00。

幼儿教育(荣誉)学士课程的下一个入学时间是 2022 年 8 月 20 日。有关更多课程资讯和课程咨询,请拨电 084322268 询问或发送 WhatsApp 信息至 01155568806。