Dec 29 All New Students at MPI to report on 3 Jan

All New Students at MPI to report on 3 Jan

Methodist Pilley Instirute (MPI) will begin the January 2022 semester on Jan 3. All new students for the bachelor’s degree, diploma and professional courses need to report at 8am on Jan 3 (Monday) and classes will start on the following day.

All lectures will be on faceto-face basis except for courses such as early childhood education social work and Chartered Certified Accountant professional level which are conducted via blended learning.

“As we usher in 2022, we eagerly await welcoming you back on campus for Jan 2022 semester. We all have been cooped up for too long. It’s time to come back to campus for a more enriching and interactive F2F learning experience. Please abide by the guidelines stated in the attached summary of SOPs to ensure a safer environment for everyone,” said MPI principal Hii King Kai.

The student affairs office will open from 10am to 4pm on Jan 1, 2022, for outstation students to check in at the hostel.

“If there are secondary school leavers who want to inquire about Korean courses and English courses starting in January, they can meet our course counsellors at the office for course consultation on January 1, 2022,” Hii added.

For more information, call or WhatsApp to 0111-55568806, or 084-322268.

畢理下週一開課 3課程線上混合學習進行


除了幼儿教育课程、社工课程及英国特许公认会计师专业资格课程(ACCA Professional Level)是以线上混合学习模式进行,其他课程如商业管理、市场营销、会计、金融与投资、电脑科学及语言课程,将以面对面授课的方式进行。

卫理毕理学院院长许钧凯表示,当世界迎来2022年之际,他们热切期待并欢迎学生们在1月返回校园。“我们都被困了太久了,是时候让你们回到校园,来体验更丰富的校园生活,以及更生动有趣的实体学习方式。” 许钧凯也提醒大家,在校园里严格遵守各种防疫的标准作业程序,以确保每个人可以在安全的环境里工作和学习。