Jul 12 MPI Business Management Programme

Business management as one of the most popular majors all over the world

The general public might think that business management is an “unneeded” course, a course that has less job prospects compared with other majors like engineering and medical majors, that one can do business without taking business management course. Actually this is not true in the business world today. As long as you are working for a company, you are a businessman even if you are a wage earner, you are an important part of the business organization, because you will have to find ways to help your boss increase profit. If you don’t have this knowledge, you can’t help your boss sell the products or services.

In the society, there are indeed many businesses different types of management. If you are just a wage earner, after working for some time and gain some work experience, you might consider changing your job by working at another company, to accumulate some more years of work experience. But how many jobs can you do in your life? How many years of experience can be accumulated? It is different in education. In terms of education, business management course is to give you a comprehensive blueprint and a comprehensive concept of thinking.

A two-and-a-half-year course allows you to learn about money management, market management, sales psychology, interpersonal relationships, domestic and foreign markets, etc… This knowledge can help you get started with your job easily. All businesses need good management before they can make a profit.

Graduate of MPI Mr Philip Hii’s sharing of his journey:

First of all, I am really grateful and honored to be invited to share my thoughts about my alma mater. Methodist Pilley Institute, the place where my dreams begin, I would like to compare it like the starting point for dream makers.

In 2010, I chose to study Diploma in Business Management programme at MPI. I finished the study in 2012. Then I continued to pursue BA(Hons) In Marketing in 2012 and graduated in 2014. Some people might say, why not go to a foreign university/study abroad, wouldn’t it be boring/less prospect to study in your hometown? I would say that in my hometown, I can be with my family members every day and eat home-cooked meal at home. Isn’t this what most people want, for especially people who work away from their hometown? If you feel the same, why not give yourself an opportunity to study in your hometown! Methodist Pilley Institute is located in Sibu, at the central region of Sarawak. Many nearby towns do not have private higher learning institutions. Methodist Pilley Institute can be a great choice for you, a quality education at your doorstep.

In the four and a half years of study at MPI, perhaps the most memorable thing will be the marketing studies. As the first batch of bachelor’s degree students in Methodist Pilley Institute, I realized that the institute really took good care of us. Organizing events as part of the curriculum allows us to learn more and experience more. I still remember the first volunteer activity in which we collected food donated by hawkers at the central market and delivered them to the nursing home. We fully realized the importance of human relations and learned to be content and be grateful. During that time, I also started up Pilley Badminton Club with my classmates from scratch, I learned to manage, learn to recruit, learn to communicate with people, learn to be systematic, learn to innovate and make breakthroughs. This kind of experience is most valuable to me.

Nearly six years after leaving the institute, it also means that it has been six years since I join the workplace. I believe that many people have asked this question – how does the study at MPI really help with my work now? My job is a sales and marketing management specialist in a financial institution. With the theory of marketing learned in the course, I can better grasp the critical success factors of my job and quickly absorb new ideas and fully apply them. The marketing degree programme at Methodist Pilley Institute has given me more competitive edge in the workplace, and even stand out from my colleagues in the job.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Methodist Pilley Institute for it’s the wonderful learning experience and care for each student. Thanks to the management for their hard work to make this programme available to more students. Thanks to the lecturers for their selfless dedication to educate us.

Diploma in Business Management at Methodist Pilley Institute

Methodist Pilley Institute has been offering a Diploma in Business Management since its establishment in 1991. It has a 29-year history and has experienced teachers. The rigorous course, coupled with the outstanding performance of previous graduates in the workplace, shows that their business diploma courses are of good quality. As a result, its diploma is widely recognized by universities at home and abroad, laying a solid foundation for graduates to continue their university degree courses. Students can also choose to pursue Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Marketing, another popular business major at MPI for two years. 6 ways a business diploma at MPI can help you:

1. Improve communication skills (writing, speaking, presentation, manage conflict)
2. Develop marketing knowledge & skills (Share ideas, win support, appeal to pears, customers & investors)
3. Nurture entrepreneurial skills (Accounting, budgeting, business ideas, execution strategies)
4. Learn finance and investment (economic principles, wealth management, financial planning, investment decisions)
5. Enhance management capabilities (Anticipate and solve problems, optimize resources, streamline operational logistics)
6. Attain wholesome growth (character development, spiritual formation, interpersonal skills,leadership capabilities)

The minimum entry requirement of MPI Business Management Diploma is SPM 3C, or UEC 3B. It takes about two and a half years to complete the entire course with a tuition fee of RM16180. The upcoming date of intake is August 14th. If you are interested, please call 084-322268 or email to enquiry@pilley.edu.my for enquiry, or contact Mr. Bobo Wong directly at 0138110323 for more information.


普遍大众都认为商业管理是一个“不被需要”的课程,是个没有发展的课程,浪费钱的课程,不用读也可以做生意的课程。其实不然。 只要你是出来工作,你就是同等于做生意;就算你是一个打工仔,你也一样是做生意,因为你再想办法帮老板赚钱。如果你没有这方面的知识,就不能帮老板卖生意,老板生意亏了,就不需要你。





2010年我选修商业管理文凭(Diploma in Business Management), 2012年毕业,2012年继续选修市场营销学荣誉学士学位(BA(Hons) In Marketing) ,于2014年毕业。可能有些人会说,为何不去外地大学/出国深造,在自己的家乡修学不会沉闷/没有新意吗?我会说,在自己的家乡,每天可以见到自己的家人,吃着家里的家常菜,这不是游子在外最大的期盼吗?若你感同身受,为何不给自己/毕理学院一个机会,在家乡深造!毕理学院位于诗巫,一个串联着许多小城市的中区,位于砂劳越的中心,许多临近的小镇都没有自己的大学,毕理学院可以是你一个很棒的选择,离你家乡最近的求学点。






毕理学院的商业管理文凭的基本入学资格为SPM 3C, 或独中高三3B。可花大约两年半以RM16180的学费修完整个课程。 即将来临的开课日是8月14日,有兴趣了解,请拨电084-322268或发电邮致 enquiry@pilley.edu.my询问,或直接联络课程辅导黄中吉先生(0138110323)。