Steps and procedures in registering a child care center

ECE TALK: Steps and procedures in registering a child care center

Mr Hasbiee from the Ministry of Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat(Department of Social Welfare) was invited to Methodist Pilley Institute, Sibu to address to a group of early childhood education students on the issues of registration. He mentioned that there were only handful licensed of taska operating in Sibu. He encouraged the public members to apply for the license and get the approval prior to running the child care center.

Encik Hasbiee reiterated that potential operators intending to open up child care center has to get approval from the lead agency, Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM). JKM upon receiving input from Land and Survey Department, local council, Bomba and Jabatan Kesihatan will process the application. As for kindergarten, the Education Department is the lead agency to give approval after obtaining input from Land and Survey Department and local council as well as Bomba.

Land and Survey Department has three main criteria for considering whether a house can be used as child care centre or kindergarten. Firstly, operators can only run a child centre and kindergarten from a detached or semi-detached house as such types of houses are more spacious and have ample space for the children to move around. Secondly, child care centre and kindergarten must be located in a suitable location that does not cause any safety or health hazard to the young children. Thirdly, the child care centre and kindergarten must not be located near a busy main road or road junction. Safety of the children is of utmost priority and the Department will not compromise on safety consideration in considering application for the premise to be used as child care and kindergarten.



Hasbiee重申,打算经营托儿所的人,在开业前,必须向主管机构社会福利部(JKM)批准。社会福利部将会在得到来自土地测量局,地方议会,消防局和卫生部的反馈后处理有关申请。 至于幼儿园方面,教育部是主管机构。教育部先征求土地测量局,地方议会以及消防局的反馈后才处理有关申请。 至于幼儿园方面,教育部是主管机构。教育部先征求土地测量局,地方议会以及消防局的反馈后才处理有关申请。

土地测量局将根据三个主要标准来考虑一间屋子是否可以用作经营托儿所或幼儿园。 首先,业者只能在独立式或半独立式的房屋中经营托儿所和幼儿园,因为这种类型的屋子比较宽敞,并且有足够的空间供孩子们四处走动。 其次,托儿所和幼儿园必须安置在不会对幼儿造成任何安全或健康危害的合适地点。 第三,托儿所和幼儿园不得位于繁忙的主要道路或公路交界附近。 儿童的安全是最重要的,因此在考虑是否批准托儿所和幼儿园的申请时,土地测量局将以安全做为重要的考量。