Pre-Arrival Information

The Malaysian government is committed to making the country a hub for world-class education and welcomes foreign students who want to pursue courses of study here. The government has made it convenient for foreigners with the genuine intention of studying in Malaysia to obtain a student pass and visa, a requirement by the country’s Immigration Department.

Getting ready to come to study overseas in a new country, whether for a short or long period of time can be a daunting experience; that is why this guide provides you with detailed information and advice regarding what you should do, pack and check before leaving your home country.

  1. Entry Requirement

    All International students should read the requirements for enrolment including the English requirement carefully. The list of entry qualification for international students is available in the portal of Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) at here. Whilst the English requirement for MPI programme is listed in page 10 & 11 of this handbook.

  2. Application to Study

    If you meet the entry requirements, please complete the Student Application Form which can be downloaded from our website at and furnish the following documents (English translations of all documents submitted, if necessary). Incomplete application will not be processed

    • Hostel Application Form
    • Two (2) sets photocopy of your passport – include all pages, including blank pages. (Passport should be valid for at least one year from the intake date)
    • Certified true copies of all relevant academic certificates and transcripts
    • Ten (10) recent passport-size photos (4 x 5.5 cm)- white background
    • IMM.14 & IMM. 38 Form
    • Complete medical health report and a yellow fever vaccination certificate (for South & Central America and Africa only)
    • Insurance coverage premium
    • Personal bond form

    Additional documents are required for international students with the conditions below:

    • If you graduated from an international high school in Malaysia:
      • School Leaving Certificate or Completion Certificate
    • If you have previously studied in another higher education institution (college or university level) in Malaysia, additional documents needed are:

      • Release Letter (from former institution)
      • Attendance Report (must be at least 80% attendance)
      • Latest certificates & transcript
      • Student pass cancellation page
    • International students from other higher education institutions in Malaysia who intend to change institutions before successfully completing their programmes will need approval from the Ministry of Education and Immigration Department.

  3. Initial Payment

    New international students are required to make the initial payment as follows:

    Registration fee 200
    International student administration fee 800
    Deposit 800
    Hostel Deposit 200
    Misc/ Resource fee 170
    Library fee 80
    TOTAL 2250
  4. Payment Instruction

    Payment should be made to below bank details:
    Payable to:          Pilley Education Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.
    Account No:        311-311-4719
    Bank Name:        Public Bank Berhad
    Pay to country:   Malaysia
    Pay to city:          Sibu, Sarawak
    Swift Code:         PBBEMYKL

    Telegraphic Transfers may take up to (5) working days to reach our bank account. This should be taken into account when remitting funds.

    If Malaysian Ringgit is not available, the equivalent amounts in international currencies are also acceptable (e.g. USD, AUD, SGD, EUR, GBP etc.). The difference in Malaysian Ringgit must be paid or refunded to the student after receipt by the bank.

  5. Letter of Offer or Letter of Conditional Offer

    The letters will be sent to successful applicants (please allow 2-4 weeks).

  6. Obtaining Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

    Upon receiving the VAL, students are required to proceed to the nearest Malaysian Embassy or High Commission to obtain an entry visa. Please note that the VAL is ONLY valid for three (3) months.

  7. Preparation for Pre-Departure

    Clothes and Weather
    Malaysia is a tropical country and is situated near the equator. The average temperature ranges between 21°C and 34°C. Humidity is high and on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Light clothing such as T-shirts, slacks, Jeans, shorts, and shirts are ideal and will be most comfortable. In addition, cool clothing materials such as polyester and cotton are best suited to the climate.

    Electrical Equipment
    The standard capacity is a 240-volt, 50-Hz. You may wish to purchase an adaptor for Malaysia’s 3-square pin contact socket in order to use the electrical items from your home country. These are readily available for a reasonable price from convenience shops and supermarkets throughout Malaysia.

    Make sure you label all your items of luggage. It is also a good idea to include a note of your particulars and destination inside your luggage should labels be damaged during transit or baggage handling.

    Important documents and personal items to pack:

    • Passport
    • Flight Ticket
    • Driving license
    • Letter of Offer of Admission and immigration approval letter
    • Original academic qualification transcripts – in English (Compulsory)
    • Receipts/proof of payment for all fees
    • Medical Health Report (In English). If you are currently suffering from an illness, it is advisable to bring along any necessary medication, and all documentation and written medical advice relating to the condition.
    • Clothes and footwear (casual and formal)
    • Personal items
    • Towel
    • Mobile phone
    • Adapter plugs
    • Basic stationery

    Money Matters
    The currency in Malaysia is the Ringgit Malaysia (RM). Check the latest currency rate for an up to date rate.

    A credit card will be useful. It is advisable that funds should be brought into Malaysia in the form of travelers cheques. It is not advisable to carry a large amount of cash with you. We recommend that you open a bank account shortly after you arrive in Malaysia. For information about opening a bank account, please refer to page 3 of this handbook.

    You are advised to have sufficient funds for your expenses throughout the first 3 – 6 months of your studies.

  8. Accommodation

    Hostel is available at MPI. There are 4 options for hostel room:
    Option A: Twin sharing without air-conditioning
    Option B: Twin sharing with air-conditioning
    Option C: Quad sharing without air-conditioning
    Option D: Quad sharing with air-conditioning

    The rooms are furnished with single bed with mattress, study table with chair, wardrobe, ceiling fan, curtain, lighting, air-conditioning unit (optional). Student is to provide their own blanket, bed sheet and pillow case.

    The shared facilities include access card reader for hostel entrance, pantry area equipped with dining table, chair, refrigerator, water dispenser, ceiling fan, 24-hour security CCTV monitoring and wireless internet access.