Post-Arrival Information

  1. Life at Methodist Pilley Institute

    You will find a really friendly and welcoming community at MPI Malaysia. Do not hesitate to approach any staff for help. You will also find you are well supported here. We have a range of services to help you make the best of your time at college and provide advice and support if you encounter any problems.

  2. Opening a Bank Account

    Before leaving home it is a good idea to check whether your existing bank either has branches in Malaysia, or has reciprocal arrangements with a Bank which would allow you to continue using their banking services when you arrive in Malaysia.

    For the longer term, most students will find opening a Malaysia bank account as the most efficient way to manage their finances. In order to open a bank account in Malaysia, you will need the following:

    • The Letter of Student Status Verification from Methodist Pilley Institute to confirm your status as a student in Malaysia
    • Original Passport
    • Minimum deposit: Must be in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). Most banks require deposit of RM250 in order to open a new bank account.
    • If you are under 18 years old, you will need an indemnity form signed by your parents and witnessed by the relevant authority from your home country.

    Most banks will issue debit cards or withdrawal cards to be used at automated- teller machines, or ATMs. You may use these cards to withdraw money from your account instantly from ATMs machines available 24 hours a day. Online banking is also widely used in Malaysia and offers another convenient platform for your banking needs.

    Reminder: Never share your personal identification number (PIN) issued by your bank or your password for online banking with anyone, and take care not to lose your card. If you do, notify the bank immediately to cancel your cards and apply for a replacement card.

    Banks in Malaysia normally operate from Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm. The opening times may differ from one bank to another. It is best to check with the respective banks on their opening times.

  3. Healthcare

    Healthcare costs in Malaysia are relatively high compared to other countries in South East Asia. A sudden illness or accident requiring hospitalisation can quickly result in medical bills totalling thousands of Ringgit. In compliance with the Malaysian Ministry of Education’s Code of Ethics, all international students must have medical insurance coverage throughout their period of study in Malaysia.

    To enjoy more benefits or premium coverage, all international students are advised to purchase their own personal medical health insurance at their own cost.

    In case of any emergency, Malaysia’s Emergency Services for ambulance, fire and police services can be contacted by dialling 999. You are advised to check with our International Student Office for the locations of emergency centres close to you. Also ensure that you are aware of which hospital is your insurance policy’s preferred provider and where it is located. Carry your medical card in your wallet. Should you need to be admitted to the hospital, the Medical Card will ensure you can be admitted without unnecessary delay. Please contact the International Student Office and inform them of any emergency situation that has arisen, and of admission into the hospital.

  4. Student Orientation

    Every new student is required to join orientation camp. It is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends, both local and international.