Before the Ceremony

  1. Graduands are to complete the online survey at The online survey opens from 14 Aug 2019. Please show the proof of completion eg. printout or screenshot upon collection of graduation attire.
  2. Confirm attendance by completing the Graduation Registration Form, together with your payment on 30 Aug 2019. Click here to download the Form. You may email the completed form together with the payment to us at


  3. Each graduand is given an invitation card and a MPI Night Dinner Ticket. The ticket only entitles 1 entry into the ballroom. Ex-MPI students or family members of graduands can attend the function by paying RM 50 per ticket per person. Please note that MPI Night Dinner is only for MPI Staff, invited guests, existing students and ex-students. Inviting other people to the function without permission is NOT allowed.
  4. The graduation rehearsal and group photo taking are conducted at 1.30pm on 6 Sep 2019 (Friday) at Rinwood Hall, Kingwood Hotel. Please wear full graduation attire.

Prior to Commencement of the Ceremony

  1. Parking
    Parking spaces are limited. Graduands are advised to arrive at Rinwood Hall by 7:45am to avoid the crowd. There will be a final rehearsal at 8:00am before the official ceremony. Please remember to bring your own attire and take care of your own valuables as MPI is not responsible for any loss incurred.
  2. Dress Codes
    • Graduands: Formal Attire
      Please click here for guideline
      – Male: Long sleeve shirt and trousers / slacks and formal shoes
      – Female: Blouse / shirt and knee length skirt / long pants or knee length dress and proper shoes
    • Guests: Formal attire or Smart casual
  3. Guest Admission into the Hall
    Guests are advised to arrive before 8:30am. The ushers will show the guests to their seats. Please DO NOT bring young children as this is a solemn ceremony.

    Guests are NOT allowed to enter the Hall after 9:30am. Guests who come after 9:30am will have to wait outside the Hall until the Ceremony ends.

During the Ceremony

Discipline during the Ceremony

  1. As Graduation Ceremony is a momentous occasion for everyone, movement in the Hall is restricted to ensure that the ceremony is conducted smoothly and with decorum.
  2. Graduands must sit according to the seating arrangement during the rehearsal and follow the instruction given. Remain silent and set your handphone / gadgets to ‘silent mode’ during the official graduation ceremony.
  3. Guests are to observe the followings rules during the Ceremony:
    • Remain silent and set handphones / gadgets to ‘silent mode’. Guests who make unnecessary or disturbing noises during the ceremony will be asked to leave the Hall by the ushers.
    • Keep the flowers/ gifts/ presents with yourselves and do not occupy more than one seat for these items. Ushers will direct guests who are bringing big items to sit at the back of the hall.
    • Leaving their seats to take photographs during the ceremony is NOT allowed.
    • Giving flowers or gifts to the graduates during the ceremony is NOT allowed.

Presentation of Awards

  1. Listen to instructions given by ushers and MC
  2. Walk briskly onto the stage (on the left) when your name is called
  3. Stop at the spot as indicated
  4. Shake hands with the Principal before receiving your scroll
  5. Pause for a moment in order for the authorised photographer to take pictures
  6. Walk down from the stage (on the right) to return to your seat, following the prescribed route
  7. Do not stop along the route to receive flowers or gifts from the guests

After the Ceremony

  1. Collection of Certificate and Transcript
    Graduands to collect certificate and transcript soon after the ceremony. Booth will be set up outside of Rinwood Hall, Kingwood Hotel.
  2. Returning of Gown
    Graduands may return the gown soon after the ceremony. Booth will be set up by Admin Staff outside of Rinwood Hall, Kingwood Hotel.

  3. Studio Photography (Optional)
    Wang Seng Colour Photo Studio Centre, being appointed as the photographer on the Graduation day, also provides optional photography packages such as individual and family portrait photographs. Mini studio will be set up at designated area outside the Hall. Please note that the individual/family portrait photograph session is prohibited during the Graduation Ceremony. The cost of the optional packages will be borne by the graduands

  4. Flower / Gift Booths
    A few booths have been given permission to sell flowers or gifts at designated areas in the hotel.
  5. Leaving the Hall
    Graduands and guests must ensure that their personal belongings are taken before leaving the Hotel. Please take care of your personal safety as you leave the Hotel.

Last update: 23/7/2019